• Click here for many Google Apps tutorials and examples.
  • Complete Game Game Template Denise Stablow created these Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader PowerPoints that she is offering to anyone to use. As we get better at organizing our resources, we may need more specific sites.
  • click here for a one-page cheatsheet Lora Batchelor put together on Google Docs.
  • click here for a one-page cheatsheet Lora Batchelor put together for Google Calendars.
  • click here for 21 ideas for integrating technology into the classroom.
  • click here to check out Tech-Ease. This site gives very clear overviews of technology.
  • click here for 100 FREE web resources for Elementary Teachers.
  • click here to see lots of free templates to make awards.
  • click here for lots of Office templates.
  • click here for a large library of templates.
  • click here to access 1,000s of video how tos. See Mike if you need the username and password.
  • Click here for the one page Wiki Cheat Sheet Kelly created for us.
  • click here to find some great one-page cheat sheets on technology.
  • click here for information on CyberSafety.
  • click here to learn tips and tricks to improve your wiki!
  • click here to find Web 2.0.
  • click here for the Technology Awareness 2009 Survey Results.

Click here for quick video tutorial on using wikis.

Motivational Videos