Teacher Resources

Here is a brief list and description of some of the services you already have access. I can help with any of these.

Email me Mr. Baker if don't already have access to any of the below services. mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us

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1. AtomicLearning.com

This is a great site for video tutorials and how tos on just about any program. Contact Mr. Baker for username and password.


2. Listservs

These are email lists that include teachers from around Pennsylvania that are attempting to integrate technology just like you. The lists are broken up by subject area. I asked the state to create these for you guys.

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3. Subject Specific Websites

Below are a list of sites that people from around the state are forming to share and collaborate. Once again, I personally assisted in creating these for you guys.

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4. Eduwiki.us

You can have free access to all the resources from Eduwiki.us

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5. SSWiki.com

You can create your own site using sswiki.com

6. Websites

You can check the subject specific websites I've gathered at http://del.icio.us/eduwikius

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7. United Streaming

Discover Education Streaming
You can have access to 10,000s of videos at http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/index.cfm

8. What is...?

  • click here to access the most recent collection of What is...? videos

9. Bookmarked Resources

  • click here to acces the most recent collection of Bookmarks.

10. Embedded Learning