You want to learn some basics for now.

Three Keys:

C Major - (chords you need to know: C, F and G) C is also know as 'The Key of Life' =)
D Major - (chords you need to know: D, G and A)
G Major - (chords you need to know: G, C and D)

Learn two extra chords for flavor: Am and Em (minor)

The scales you need to know are Major and Pentatonic Major. Blues Pentatonic is for fancy pants.

This will be more than enough to get you started.

These are based on I, IV, V progresses. These are know as the Money Chords. This is the foundation of ROCK. Here are some tunes to play with:

Every Rose has its thorn (Ignore the add 9)

Knockin on Heavins Door

Wonderful Tonight

Come As you are

Don't worry about getting crazy from the beginning. Sing the lyrics and play the chords when they feel right. As you practice, try playing the notes of the chords one or two at a time. This is called arpegiating.

Once you get the chords down and in your head, you can look at inversions. Music is math. Example: C Major is (C, E and G), but you can also think of it as (1, 3 and 5). You can play any (C, E and G on the keyboard and it is still a C Major) (C, E and G) = Root, (E, G and C) = first inversion. (G, C and E) = second inversion. Just play and have fun with it. We'll jam at NECC!

Rock on,